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Korean Beauty Products and Food

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Seacucumber Body Gel (300g)
Made from 99% Jeju Seacucumbers. Seacucumbers are known for their excellent healing properties and c
Seahorse and Horse Oil Facial Mask (Jeju)
Made from Jeju Seahorses ( 3% seahorse content) and Jeju Horse Oil. Consists of 10 pieces of facemas
Seahorse Antioxidant Cream
Made from Jeju Seahorses ( 10% seahorse content) and 24K gold flakes. Assist in anti-wrinkles, skin
Slimming Tea (1gx10teabags)
Korean traditional slimming tea (Citron and Hibiscus), farmed and packed in Korea. Consists of 10 te
VELLA Ultimate Age Killer Neck Cream
[LATEST] 4th Generation Neck Cream from VELLA that is 2X more powerful than previous version with it
VELLA Ultra Hydro Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++
[NEW] Ultra Hydro Sun Essence is an innovative all-in-one sun essence that not only protects your sk