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100% Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder
Made from 100% Shiitake mushrooms organically grown and harvested in Korea, and presented in a conve
American Ginseng Tea (2gx20)
American ginseng is known for its cooling properties yet possess the benefits of ginseng. Enjoy Amer
Angelica Roots (1gx20 teabags)
Angelica Root is also known as women's ginseng. The Anglica Root teas are farmed and produced in Kor
Aquamarine Soothing Gel 99% Red Sea Cucumber (300g)
Made from 99% Jeju Red Sea Cucumber. Sea cucumbers are known for their excellent healing properties
Beet Tea (1gx20teabags)
Beet roots is well known for its detoxification properties. The Beet Tea are farmed and produced in
Black Garlic (Original)
The original pack consist of 3 bulbs of Korean whole Black Garlic (100g)
Carton Pack (50 Bulbs)
Popular request by our regular customers ! A Carton Pack contains 50 bulbs for convenient daily c
Chaga Mushrooms Tea ( 1gx20teabags)
Chaga Mushrooms, also known as Siberian Lingzhi is reputed to be the " Mushroom of Immortality" in R
Chamdahan Deer Antlers Red Ginseng Extract (50ml x 30 sachets)
Each sachet contains ultra fine powder which is made by grinding whole red ginseng. It is a premium
Chamdahan Ginseng Hong Kids Step 3 (35ml x 30 sachets)
This product contains all of the active ingredients of red ginseng as well as nutrients from seaweed
Chamdahan Red Ginseng Extract Mild Stick (10ml x 30 sachets)
Chamdahan Red Ginseng Extract Mild Stick offers a convenient way to get your ginseng during workouts
Chamdahan Red Ginseng Extract Plus 100g
100% made in Korea, from 100% Korean red ginseng. It contains ultra fine powder which is made by