Spiky Seacucumbers

What is spiky Seacucumbers?
Spiky Seacucumber (海刺参) is reputed as wild ginseng of the sea. It contains large amount of saponin, a key content in ginseng. For centuries, Sea cucumber is known to be one of the few premium dishes 山珍海味 in Chinese delicacies. It is often eaten during special occasions and elaborate Chinese banquets. Sea cucumber, together with ginseng, abalone, bird nests are the pinnacle of ingredients used in Chinese cuisine. Apart from its unique taste and texture, sea cucumbers are known for disease preventive and longevity tonic food


Spiky Seacucumbers’  Benefits

Top 10  Benefits of Spiky Sea Cucumber
Anti-aging  Anti-tumour
Fatigue recovery Strengthen Immune System
Improves sleep and memory Promotes Healing
Mothers’ childbirth recovery Improves Vitality
Improves cardiovascular health Improves Joint Pains



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 Why Choose Hasutomi spiky wild Seacucumbers?

Hasutomi sources the best spiky wild sea cucumbers from Korea, whereby it produces one of the best quality sea cucumbers. Wild spiky sea cucumber is at the pinnacle in terms of nutritional values and are well sought after for its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.
Our sea cucumbers are wild sea cucumbers, grown naturally in harsh natural environment without human intervention, in the most natural form. The sea cucumbers are caught in the clean seas of Korea, mainly in the West and East seas. The West sea is between 2 to 5m deep and the sea cucumbers are caught by fisherman by hand. The East sea is 3 to 40m deep ocean and are caught by diver.
The technology used to process the sea cucumbers is patented in Korea, which ensures the sea cucumbers are dried using minimum amount of salt. This is unlike other sea cucumbers in the market whereby large amount of salts are used to dry them and making them bigger in size and heavier in weight. In some countries, sugar is used in the drying process to make them look more appealing, which is harmful to health.
Our seacucumbers can be rehydrated either in the traditional method ( For both traditional and Everyday Seacucumbers) or everyday method ( only for Everyday Seacucumbers). Please see below for details.

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How to soak Hasutomi Seacucumbers?
Instructions for Soaking Hasutomi Traditional Dried Seacucumbers

Traditional Method :
1) Put the Seacucumbers in a clean bowl with ice cold water and put in the fridge (not freezer) for 24 hours
2) Remove the seacucumbers from cold water and put them in clean boiling water. Boil the seacucumbers for 20-30 mins in small fire.
3) Remove the seacucumbers from boiling water and put them in clean ice water and put in fridge for between 24 – 48 hours.
4) Repeat steps 2) and 3)
5) Cut open the stomach of the seacucumbers and remove the white teeth at the tip.
6) Repeat steps 2) and 3) for another 2-3 cycle.

Instruction for soaking Hasutomi’s Everyday Dried Seacucumbers:
1) Put the Seacucumbers in a good vacuum flask and pour boiling water to the brim and close tight.
2) Change the boiling water after 8-12 hours so water temperature remains high (if necessary).
3) After soaking for 24 hours, the SC is ready to eat.
4) To be eaten straight from flask or put in soup/dish without further cooking.
5) For better texture and bigger size, one may soak the SC in ice cold water and put in the fridge for 1-2 days.
** Alternatively, one can soak Everyday Seacucumbers using Traditional method ( Please see above).