Korean Healthy Oats and Snacks

Hasutomi imports quality Korean Oats and oats snacks from Haemalgume Farm, a socially responsible farming enterprise in Korea. The grains are grown by its community villagers and volunteers, using minimal amount of machinery and no chemicals and pesticides are used. Its aim is to promote healthy living and a happy eco-friendly rural life.

Artisan Tea
Artisan Tea

Health Benefits of Oats:

• World’s Top Ten Supper Food, according to New York Times
• High Beta Glutan content and help strengthening immune function.
• Reducing body’s cholesterol level and good for the heart.
• Assists in regulating body’s sugar level
• High calcium content. Beneficial for growing children and the elderlies.
• Rich in dietary fiber which helps and prevents constipation.
• Rich in other nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B1.