Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic

It is simply garlic in its best form ! The real magic lies in the 60-day caramelisation (aging) of garlic which turns it into great black garlic.
Korea, a country well known for its natural food, is one of the first few countries to introduce the caramelisation of garlic. Garlic undergoes the 60-day long process under controlled temperature and humidity. This lengthy process causes the garlic to turn black and develop a moist chewy texture with a sweet umami taste.
The caramelisation (aging) process increases a garlic’s polyphenol content and produces water-soluble sulfuric amino acids called S-Allyl Cysteine(SAC). Compared to fresh garlic, black garlic’s antioxidant properties increased to 10x and its nutritional health benefits greatly surpass its fresh counterpart!



Artisan Tea
Artisan Tea
Health Benefits of Black Garlic
Improves Blood Circulation Improves Digestion
Improves Cardiovasular Health Anti- Inflammation
Improves Stamina Anti- Cancer
Detoxification Relieve Stress and Insomnia

Why choose Hasutomi Black Garlic?

Hasutomi believes that the effectiveness of black garlic is largely dependent on the origin of the raw garlic; where and how they are grown are of utmost importance.
Hasutomi’s premium black garlic is grown in Namhae Island, also known as Treasure Island in Korea. They are grown under pristine conditions with clear and clean water, fresh air and unpolluted environment in Namhae. This gives our black garlic its unique sweet umami taste and high nutritional value which is unparalleled.
The cameralisation of our black garlic in Korea is authentic, 100% natural with no added ingredient (not even water is added in the process). The processing of the black garlic roots is patented (10-1428386)